Love Notes


I would like to share with you a piece of my parents life.
My father is a very romantic person. With the years go on, he wrote to my mother some love notes. Most of them are for her birthday, but very unique.
She collected them all in a nylon bag, but I thought it needed a better place to be in.
So, I designed a cover for her (front and back), and put the the notes in a regular A4 paper keepers.

I have to say that I decided to do something other than what I used to.
I used some acrylic paint, torn some pages, and got some guts to do things I never done. I must say that I got the inspiration for this from Celine Navarro, who is a mix media artist from France. I met her when I participated the "Scrap and Fun" workshop on February 2010 here in Israel, and she opened my mind a little bit.

Enough with the words - here are the pictures:

Full outlook on the front cover, and the details are following:

I used a white carton as a base for the cover.
Pages: from Bo Bunny, which I love so much.
Letters: Thickers
Frame: I don't remember, sorry. It was blank and I colored it with the acrylic I used for the background.
The background: I covered the carton with masking tape (Celine's technique), and painted about 5-6 times with diluted acrylic paint.

My parents saw it and loved it.

Let me know what you think.



  1. היי מיכל
    כבר כתבתי לך בפורום שאני מבקרת כאן. אז הנה אני חורשת על הבלוג שלך. עד הפוסט הזה אהבתי בערך הכל (וחלק אהבתי מאד מ-א-ד), אבל כאן- לא יכולה להתאפק ולמרות שהיגבתי על זה בפורום אני אומרת לך שוב- כל הכבוד!!! כל הכבוד להורים הרומנטיים וכל הכבוד לך, הבת המוכשרת. אצלנו בעבודה נהוג להגיד- שאפו!!!!
    ליאור- חתולי8


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