Another workshop at my workplace

Hi all!
 I wanted to tell you about the second round of employees that came to my workshop. It happend this week on Sunday (July 25th) afternoon. This time there were 11 (!!!) people (one of them was a 9 year old child, and I also had one man in this group). We had a great time!
I taught some techniques but each one did something of his own - which was great.
This time I didn't give them a full kit so each one took what he liked the most.

So, stop with the talking... Here are the pictures:

This was made by the 9 year old child :-)

What do you think?



  1. sounds like you had a great time and the outcome looks lovely (love the last pic!)
    and a man scrapper...well done (-:

  2. אם אני אכתוב באנגלית, יעל יניב תרביץ לי...
    אז בעברית, הכל יצא מקסים,אני אהבתי את השלשה.. הצבעים הגימור.
    אני בטוחה שנתראה בהמשך..


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