My first workshop... at my workplace!

Hi all,

First - my family vacation in Crete was a lot of fun... the sun, the blue (clean) sea... really nice. Crete is beautiful. I recommend.

Now for this post main issue - my first workshop!!!
I work for a hi-tech company, and the HR had this great initiative of employees share their hobbies with other employees. I told the HR manager that I'm doing scrapbooking in my free time, and she said - "ok, you can do a workshop for the employees". I said OK. It's voluntarily of course...

So, it finaly happend!

Since it was the first time I ever taught scrapbooking, I was a little excited. I prepared some nice kits for the participants and even a PowerPoint presentation to show some scrapbooking history.

There were 5 participants and me. I showed them some techniques, and they made some really beautiful stuff. We used cardboard for the basis and some beautiful K&Company papers. I also gave them some blings, paper flowers and brads. I brought some Cuttlebug cuts that Hagar helped me to cut (THANK YOU!!!!).
Here are some of the results:

I also got some tips from Kerenushi from the commune in Tapuz.

On July 25th there will be another session for the ones who couldn't make on the 12th... Great!



  1. נראה ערב כיפי במיוחד !! תוצרים מקסימים - מדריכה מעולה ! שמחתי לעזור :-)

  2. איזה כיף לשמוע שנהנית מהחוויה והתוצרים מקסימים
    מעכשיו זה כבר קטן עליך (-:

  3. איזה יופי שהיה לך כיף
    אני חייבת להזהיר.. המחלה היא קשה מאוד... ולא מצאו תרופה.. אז תתכונני....

  4. ג'ינג'ית יקרה!
    כל הכבוד על טבילת האש (הנייר..) הראשונה !!
    אין כמוך!!


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