Canvas from Nat workshop


Finally got the chance to tell you about last Friday, when I had a great time in Nathalie Kalbach's workshop. The workshop was organized by Alice from MyPunch.
I've been waiting for this workshop since for a long time, and I have to say that it was worth it.
Nathalie was so nice and funny. Her techniques are very interesting, and I really love her use with colors and different materials (which I wasn't aware of).
The workshop was taking place in Susan Dalal Center in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv, so the view and environment was perfect.
Now… for the pictures:

And here are my hands while working – thank you Alice for taking this picture:

As for the first workshop – I didn't manage to finish the mini-album, so no pictures yet…

Hope to have more workshops soon… J



  1. מיכל. הקנבס יצא משגע!!!!

  2. היי מיכל
    הקנוואס שלך מקסים ומאד מיוחד ושונה מהאחרים, נפלא שנתת בו ביטוי אישי לסגנון שלך

  3. קנווס מקסים.
    מתוך התמונות שראיתי מהסדנה, אני מתרשמת שהקנווס שלך שונה מהאחרים...יצא מקסים!

  4. I so love it!!!! You did an amazing job making an boy-layout with those girly papers!!! Your kids are super cute!!! Huge hugs- it was wonderful to meet you!

  5. מיכל ממש אהבתי את הקנווס
    הוא יצא מקסים.



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