Pen Box


This time I want to share with you a box I made for all my pens and colors.
I recently organized a working area and wanted to make it a "scrapper" place. So, besides of some nice boxes from IKEA, I decided to design something myself.
I took a small Similac box and wraped it with Crepe paper and did it with a lot of wrinkles to give it the look. Then I added the orange tag and wraped it with the very thin ribbon. I also added the flower to add some dimension.

Here are two pictures of it:

What do you think?



  1. מאד יפה
    אני מאד אוהבת קופסאות
    ולכן לא זורקת שום דבר
    הקופסא שלך מאד יפה ושימושית


  2. קופסא מדהימה- יופי של שדרוג

  3. I love it- esp. with the crepe paper!!


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